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We Have Always Lived  In The End Times

by Ben Russell and Guillaume Cailleau

In Production _ Release 2024

When completed, this work will be a feature-length portrait of a 150-person strong rural activist collective located in northwestern France. It takes an observational approach in documenting the everyday of an intentional community of squatters, eco-activists, farmers and militants so as to better understand how the success of a radical ecological protest movement can offer a path through the climate crisis facing us all.

Recorded over a year’s worth of seasons, this film is situated within the present-day rural commune of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, a largely agricultural territory that has been occupied by squatters since the early 2000s and gained notoriety as the most successful instance of the anti-development “Zone to Defend” (ZAD) movement in France.

Produced by CASKFILMS

Co-Produced by VOLTE (Fr.)

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