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Guillaume Cailleau (b. France, 1978) is a filmmaker and visual-artist performer based in Berlin. His work ranges from performances and concerts to experimental film. He is interested in researching everyday occurrences, trying to expose overlooked details that can be revealing if transposed into other contexts, such as in a gallery, theater performance, or film. His relations to other media and genres are numerous and close. Guillaume is currently Artist in Residence with the Berlin based experimental vocal group PHØNIX16, is part of the audiovisual performance duo project Kreuser/Cailleau, collaborates closely with the composer/performer Werner Dafeldecker and does visuals for the noise band Elmer KussiaC. His work has been shown worldwide in film festivals (including in Berlin, New York, and Rotterdam) and museums (including Centre Pompidou in Paris and Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto). His short film LABORAT won the Silver Bear Jury Prize at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2014.


Wunderschein / 2019 / short
Laborat / 2014 / 21' / 16mm on DCP 

Austerity Measures / 2012 / co-directed with Ben Russell / short


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